Peracetic Acid Disinfectant

Peracetic Acid Disinfectant is a disinfectant with Peracetic Acid as the main active ingredients. It can kill mycobacteria and bacterial spores,and sterilization. Suitable for High levels disinfection and sterilization for heat-sensitive medical devices and flexible endoscopy.
Main Ingredient Peracetic acid
Purity: 1.4g/L ±0.21g/L
Usage High-Level Disinfectants
Certification CE/MSDS/ISO 9001/ISO14001/ISO18001
Specification 2.5L/4L/5L
Form Liquid

Products Details

Peracetic Acid Disinfectant is a disinfectant with peracetic acid as the main active ingredients. The peracetic acid content is1.4g/L ±0.21g/L.Peracetic Acid Disinfectant can kill mycobacteria and bacterial spores,and sterilization
Anesthesia equipment
For high-level disinfection/ sterilization of heat sensitive medical equipment for which alternative methods of sterilization are not suitable
Lensed instruments such as flexible and/or rigid endoscopes
Most stainless steel instruments
Plated metals
Respiratory therapy equipment
1.High efficiency: 5 minutes of high water disinfection and 10 minutes of sterilization 2PH: 2.PH 6.84, low odor 3.Stability: high level disinfection for 14 days and sterilization for 7 days 4.Safety & Environmental Protection: the decomposition products are water and carbon dioxide, non-toxic

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